How to Setup Canon Printer Through IJ start Canon

How to Setup Canon Printer Through IJ start Canon

Setting up a Canon wireless printer is easy for technical people but anyone can learn and set up a Canon wireless printer on Windows 10, 7 or Mac. Read and follow the article carefully and set up your wireless printer on your operating system.

Set up Canon Printer on Wireless Network Step by Step

Canon printer troubleshooting when I don't know how to install steps for iPad® and iPod Touch? Then everything can be resolved by downloading the Canon print app. After you install the canon model to search the app via wireless button, follow the screen, and set up the Wi-Fi® name and password, all the processes become faster and easier to connect with your mobile device and Canon printer model.

How to set up a Canon printer on Windows 10?

  1. Click on the desktop start menu and search for Settings or open Settings.
  2. Next, click on "Devices" in the Settings window.
  3. Now, select "Printer & Scanners" to select the option.
  4. Add the printer model name to the list.
  5. Next, connect the same network to the printer.
  6. Check the power connection and check the status of the printer.

So, follow the above steps and set up your printer easily and you can setup a wireless canon printer by following the same steps in Windows 10,8,7, etc.

How to set up a Canon printer on Mac

  1. Mac users go to System Preferences and select "Printers & Scanners".
  2. Simply + icon to add the printer model.
  3. In the list of printers, select your printer model.
  4. Now connect the printer to the same network that your Mac is using.
  5. Now check the status of the printer and try to print.

Thus, a Canon printer including Wi-Fi can be installed on your Mac easily. Technical steps are confirmed by certified experts and shared with your user experience.

Using IJ Start Cannon to set up the Canon TS9120 printer

The Canon Pixma Series TS9120 Printer is a time-tested multifunctional inkjet unit. This state-of-the-art printing device is known for its speed and efficiency that ensure unparalleled performance. It is an innovative wireless printer elegantly designed to fit every space. In addition, it is a particularly versatile and feature-packed printer. In other words, you will execute the TS9120 process through multiple means. As an example, through WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet.

This high-end, easy-to-use printer must undergo a quick and convenient setup process for unparalleled performance. In order to form the whole process smooth and hassle-free for users, it allows the TS9120 process. A user-centric web platform makes it easy to set up your Canon printer for a best-in-class experience. Here, you will need to take some simple steps which involve repairing the printer hardware. Next, connect the printer to a wireless network. Next, you would like to download and install the required driver to complete the process of TS9120.

Prepare the printer Hardware

The same initiative requires organizing your printer hardware. This involves taking the printer out of its box by removing all of its packing materials. Besides, you have to urge to avoid all plastic tapes. Connect it to an uninterruptible power source via its own power line. Besides, prepare its own paper tray and charge it with specific paper sheets. With this, it will start its own config and matching process which requires you to be present. Next, you want to complete its setup guide in its dashboard. For this, you will need to set the basic “settings” like “Display Language”, “Date”, “Country/Region”, “Time” and “Access Security Measures (PIN)”. As such, the hardware setup of the "" process will terminate.

Printer Configuration

The Canon Pixma TS9120 is a high-quality performance tool that prioritizes the comfort of its users. For this purpose, it allows the network to be configured with the both wireless and wired networks. With the help of the provided instructions, you will complete the configuration process easily without much hassle.

Wired configuration of TS9120 “”

This is the only way to determine the connection between your printer and thus the Internet. It works with routers that facilitate communication through a coaxial cable. During this method, all you have to do is connect the printer to the network access point, i.e. the router. In other words, simply connect one end of the coaxial cable to the LAN port of the printer. In addition, connect the other end to the LAN port of the router. This may complete the configuration process.

However, just in case there is a wireless router. Next, you will need to configure the printer wirelessly. For this, start your printer. Configuring the Canon Pixma TS9120 requires access to the dashboard of the printer. Here, you want to attend the Menu Screen by pressing the button with the Home icon. Now, choose the Wireless Connection tab to access the wireless settings screen. Next, select “LAN Settings” > “Wireless LAN” > “Wireless LAN Setup” > “Easy Wireless Connection”. This unbeatable printer works for the benefit and convenience of its users. As such, it facilitates an exceptionally user-centric configuration feature called Easy Wireless Connect. However, the method will take some time. In addition, the network connection will be temporarily disabled. Next, it will ask for your confirmation regarding the specific network settings. Hence, select "Yes". Next, follow the remaining on-screen instructions to finish the TS9120 “” process.

Set up the printer driver

Once you have finished configuring the printer's network, proceed with setting up its driver software. Canon printer drivers may be a software package that facilitates communication between your printer and your computer. In other words, it enables your computer to issue commands to the printer to carry out its functions. For this, you want to download the appropriate set of drivers from their official website. Then, install them properly for an unparalleled user experience. Download the printer driver

To download the specific printer driver to your computer, you want to arrange for a high-speed Internet connection. In addition, make sure that your system has sufficient disk space. In addition, you want to remember the operating system information of your computer. Now, start the download process by accessing the official website like “”. Visit the setup web page where you can select the downloads window for the Canon Pixma TS9120. Next, select the driving force package according to the operating system of your computer. By clicking on the relevant "Download" tab, the download process for TS9120 "ij.start.cannon" will begin. Finally, wait for this process to complete.

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