Many businesses are yet to reap the full benefits of the cloud

Many businesses are yet to reap the full benefits of the cloud

Adoption of cloud-native technologies is increasing, but many companies have not achieved widespread adoption, according to a new report from Ubuntu publisher Canonical.

Surveying more than 1,200 IT professionals about their use of cloud-native technologies, Canonical found that nearly half (45.6 percent) use Kubernetes in production. However, only 15.7 percent use it.

Nearly a third (30 percent) are running applications on a mix of bare metal, VMs and Kubernetes, while another 15.3 percent do so mostly on virtual machines, as they prepare to move to Kubernetes in the near future.

“I think this clearly shows that we have a long way to go before we upgrade the infrastructure properly,” James Strachan, Cloudbees Distinguished Engineer, wrote in the report.

Nearly four in five (78 percent) have a single hybrid or multi-cloud use case in production, Canonical said, adding that the number is "likely to be higher" when teams consider SaaS or third-party managed services.

Despite the usefulness of cloud-native technologies, they are not without challenges. Managing the sprawling infrastructure of bare metal technologies, VM technologies, and Kubernetes, as well as operators, have been cited as the two biggest challenges.

To solve it, at least in part, companies are starting to look at automation through the application, rather than configuration management. Nearly a third (30 percent) said they would be testing operators in the near future, with another 17 percent already in the pilot phase. Another 14 percent use it in production now.

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